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The Concession Stand

It was another wet night at the ball field. But Max did get two hits, and was very excited about it. Of course, the push pop that I bought him from the concession stand was the highlight of the night....that's my boy!

Zoe cracks me up. She's going to be our little social butterfly. She spent the night running around saying hi to everyone she knows from school (and a lot of people that just looked interesting to her). The concession stand was big excitement for her, too. She managed to weasel an ice cream sandwich, a bottle of water, and a push pop out of her father (along with about half of the giant pretzel he bought for himself).

I love the Story Corps feature on NPR. Just wanted to mention that because that's what I'm listening to as I write this (while I'm supposed to be typing up news stories....whatever). If you haven't ever heard it, you can go to and listen to it in the archives.

I signed Max up for a cartooning class a couple of days ago. It doesn't start until July, but he's now obssessed with drawing little characters and stories. And he's pretty good at it. He and his best buddy Nicholas have decided that they're going to start their own video game business. They've already decided on a name for their company, and what their first game will be. Yesterday, Max designed the company logo, and it was really cool! He's a very creative little guy.

Not too much planned for the weekend.....hopefully a nap (or two) will fit into our plans!

6:22 a.m. - 2006-06-02

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